TK is a Los Angeles based commercial director and cinematographer with an emotional, docu-style aesthetic.

TK has directed commercials for Volkswagen, The Clinton Global Initiative, Commonwealth Care Alliance and as second-unit/action, director for Fox Sports, Adidas, BMW, Coors and much more. His music video career includes work for artists BonJovi, JC Chasez, Sum 41 and Samantha Mumba (nominated for Billboard Video of the Year), as well as Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Britney Spears and Usher as second unit director and director of photography

TK made his documentary feature debut with internationally acclaimed feature, Buffalo Girls (Slamdance 2012), and from there transitioned headlong into the practice of socially-conscious storytelling.

This work took him to South Africa for the Clinton Global Initiative, Malawi, with the NGO, Build On, and the Kasungu Park Elephant Protection Team. He's worked with Ingrid Newkirk of PETA and Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd. TK and Rainn Wilson have collaborated on pieces fundraising for LIDE Haiti and the plight of Haitian migrants stranded in Northern Mexico accompanying Ai Weiwei's film, Human Flow. TK has done campaigns or MS Runs, St.Jude Children's Hospital, Foundation Fighting Blindness,Strayer Univrsity Scholarchip Program, and Heads Together with Prince William and Lady Gaga.

TK's list of press includes interviews by the LA Times, BBC, NBC, ABC 20/20, Nightline and the Carson Daily Show. His highly anticipated feature documentary has been positively reviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, Variety and The Los Angeles Times.

TK took a three year break from the business to attend

Law School (don't ask) in Akron, Ohio. During the height of the pandemic TK came back to his first passion: Listening to amazing people tell their stories with a camera in hand. Look out for TK's next Docs in progess: Vegangelism, and

a yet untitled sequel to Buffalo Girls.